I have seen this LAME shirt at Teer-get a bunch of times and now that I have my handy purse-cam I took a picture of it when I was shopping with Lucy this morning.  Lucy likes to be "on the loose" and has intense hatred of shopping carts.  I thought the today might be different until I tried to put her in the cart.  She wanted no part of it, as usual.  I am not one to beg for her to obey or promise her a treat if she is good.  This was her choice: be buckled in the cart or a have a lovely timeout.  Guess what she chose?  We put the cart back, went outside and I sat her spicy little self on the bench in front of the store.  As if she was waiting patiently for the bus.  The two minutes cruised by slower than a snail.  Dorky me standing quietly nearby, waiting for her heart to change.  A sweet "sorry Mommy" later, she was all buckled in.  When we went to the baby section I saw this shirt.  Let me tell you, my kid will NEVER EVER be too cute for a timeout.  I will NEVER EVER buy a shirt this ridiculous!
We did find some happy things on our excursion.  Yummy cupcake wrapping paper that is almost too delicious to wrap with, glittery pink flip flops (wonder what swap partner that is for?), and the cutest 4th of July clothing.  Next week is Patriotic Day at Halley's school.  I have some fun plans for the apple shirt.  I couldn't resist the pink star dress.  Lucy likes it so much that she wore it over her zipper pajamas for nap time.
My husband is also a Junior High teacher at our church's school.  How fun is this gift he received as part of teacher appreciation week?  They will come in handy tonight when we see Prince Caspian with over 100 youth group kids.  I don't plan on sharing a single one.  On the subject of youth group, someone go into the youth room last week during school hours and stole over $5000 of band equipment.  What kind of person could do something like that?  Lightning bolts?  Seriously, steal from a church!  It is so sad to even think about.
Love and happiness from Little Bit Funky.  Cards, clippies, candy and a purse.  Absolutely a dream come true.  Many thanks C!


  1. YES! I second that idea of never being too cute for timeouts! Our pastor says "naughty is never cute"! hehe! Also, I love the cupcake wrapping - I'm going to copy you!! Happy late bday to Halley!!

  2. Tell me that is Target wrapping paper?!! I HAVE to have some of that!! No cupcake birthday bash is complete without cupcake wrapping paper!

    What FUN stuff from Little Bit Funky! Love it!!

  3. I agree with you on the shirt, I can't stand those. I just saw one at T the other day that said, Homework kills trees...yeah, uh, not getting that one for my son. I don't think he'd be taking it the environmental way. Oh, her dress is so sweet. I miss that, buying all the cute little girl dresses and stuff. Though I do love boy fashions, I get nostalgic. Sz 7 and up and you start battling "hip" designs, um no, my daughter will not bare her tummy, wear only one strap designs, and the chorus can go on and on.
    Sorry to hear about what was stolen, that's awful! Perhaps God has a lesson planned for whoever did it. I have faith in situations like that. Have fun at the movie, I SO can't wait to see it. My girls and I have it on tap for the weekend.

  4. Ok, I left this really long comment and um...it disappeared...too cute dress, I agree on the tee, and I hope you guys have a GREAT time at the movie. I'm hoping to take the girls this weekend. btw, do you ever go to the Pink Pineapple Scrapbooking Store?

  5. I love this blog, Julie! Good stuff!

  6. i'm so glad you are passing on the love for the chicken and biscuits. I was in the carpool line at school and a car pulled up next to me, rolled down her window and shouted "we made chicken and biscuits last night!!" it cracked me up.

    we have those pink flip flops too! :)

    i love the witty t-shirts that are out...but not the ones that border on ridiculous...1-8oo-CALL-GRANDMA, etc.

    have a wonderful friday!