Bethany tagged me... so here I go:

4 Jobs I have had:  ( I have had a ton, but I will pick my faves.)

1.  Lifeguard  (Got paid (a lot)  to be tan and drive a boat.  Miss it.)
2.  Paint your own ceramics shop (Got paid (a little) to paint.  Miss it.)
3.  Innkeeper at a Bed & Breakfast (Got free nights.  Miss it.)
4.  Manager at my best friend's hair salon (Got paid ( a lot) to get my hair done for free.  Miss it.)
I am glad that I get to stay home now, but if I had to have a job I would be happily beg to be rehired at any of the above.

4 Movies I have watched more than once:  (Not counting the ones the girls watch over and over.)

1.  Once (Stop reading, go to Blockbuster and rent it right now.  I am serious!  My Favorite ever.  Borrowed it from a friend and plan on never giving it back.  Sorry Amy.  Buy the soundtrack on iTunes while you are at it.)
2.  Emma (The Gwyneth Paltrow one.  I based my wedding on Emma's and copied her dress.)
3.  Waiting For Guffman (Nothing can make me laugh harder.  My husband and I work lines from this movie into everyday conversation.  We are huge dorks.)
4.  Romeo + Juliet (The Leonardo DiCaprio/ Claire Danes one.  Enough cool film making to even out my nerdy love of Shakespeare.)  

4 T.V. Shows I cannot miss

1.  The Office (We have to put a loud fan in the hallway so our girls don't wake up from our laughter.)
2.  Lost (Totally love it, totally hate it.  Totally addicted to attempting to figure anything out.)
3.  Project Runway (Only wishing I could whip up 1% of the stuff they create.)
4.  The Soup (As we are watching shows we love to predict what clips Joel McHale will make fun of.  Paula Abdul... watch out.  I am betting you are getting a whole segment Friday.)

4 People who email me regularly:

1.  My hubby.  (I send pics during the day of the mischief the girls make, he helps me survive said mischief.)
2.  Natasha (my sis in law, we're always making some sort of plans.)
3.  Alicia (my crafty friend.. we are always sending each other links for things we want to make or buy.)
4.  Joy (My first email friend.)

4 Places I have been:

1.  I have been to 49 states (only Alaska is missing, my husband was a musician and I used to hitch a ride on the tour bus.)
2.  Austrailia for the Hillsongs Conference (I have a intense hatred of flying and I was 15 weeks pregnant.  Rough 17 hours, many of them spent in tears.  But by far the most beautiful, friendly amazing country ever.  Wishing I could teleport there.)
3.  Mexico (We take the youth group to build houses there every Summer.  Best week ever.)
4.  Ontario, Canada (In the Winter.  Freezing cold.  Beautiful though.)

4 Favorite Foods

1.  Pizza (all kinds, I could eat it every single day.)
2.  Coffee (maybe not a food, but I am obsessed with it.)
3.  Ice Cream (involving lots of chocolate and peanut butter.)
4.  REAL Mexican Food (not American-ruined Mexican food.)

4 Places I would like to visit

1.  Africa (Jason went to Uganda last Summer and it changed his life.)
2.  England (for my dorky love of all things British.)
3.  Ireland (I'm 3/4 Irish, and would love to explore my heritage.)
4.  Australia (I would love to go back, for vacation this time, and not pregnant.)

4 Things I am looking forward to this year

1.  10th anniversary trip to kauai (just me and my man.)
2.  Disney Cruise (jealous?  Thought so!)
3.  Opening my children's Etsy shop (HalleLuLu.)
4.  Halley starting Jr. Kindergarten (she gets to wear uniforms!  Crazy cute!)

4 People I am tagging:

1.  Joy
2.  Trish
3.  Ashley
4.  Kelley


  1. I loved that! I learned so many fun things about you!! I will get busy with my tag!! And how excited to find out you are open HalleLuLu!! Ah! Yaya! That is the cutest name - and I'm sure it will have the cutest stuff!!

  2. Yes - i love Lauren! Go Team Lauren! I bought blackish nail polish just because of The Hills! I love how you love it too! I attempt swoopy bangs - but there aren't any producers interested in following me around all day! Ha!