Monday, April 21, 2008

Will sew for...

My friend bought fabric (how cute is it?!) and asked me to sew a duvet cover for her son's new "big boy bed".  Of course I said yes, duvets are super easy and she is a dear friend.  Today as the girls slept I finished it. For a few seconds I thought it would be fun to have a boy someday.  She came to pick it up and look what she brought me.  Not kidding!  I have secretly wanted a Coach purse forever, but I would never ever buy one for myself. I don't even think I could beg for one as a huge group birthday & Christmas gift.  She was done with hers and graciously passed it along to me.  I am so happy I don't even believe it is real!
So, if you have fabric and would like me to take a Coach bag off your hands I will gladly sew anything for you!


  1. Love the fabric and the purse! My husband and girls bought me my first Coach purse for Valentine's Day this year. I could NOT believe it. I love it, but am so afraid I will spill something on it! lol! Lori

  2. Julie- So glad that you will be joining my swap! When you get a minute, could you please send me your address? Thanks! Lori

  3. Loving BOTH! Oh, you are doing the desert swap, yeah! I joined last night. Don't ya just love that shade of pink? My youngest daughter decided she HAD to have one too, so I ordered a bunch more barn stars to make a few more. I'm thinking of a wall in her room being covered in em. Viva la pink!
    I'm also a coach lover...and I can't sew...hee hee

  4. Wow - generous friends rock! Now I'm REALLY wishing I could sew.


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