I have been eyeing this apron pattern for months and finally broke down and bought it.  What finally helped me click "Buy" was the two yards of fabric that came with it.  See my favorite birdies?  The chocolate version is near impossible to find and I couldn't resist.  It will match my kitchen perfectly.    Hopefully I can pull it off.  It has some tricky trim that I have never tried.
I have been using up my random buttons for these fun and easy cards I found from the eye candy blog How About Orange.  I will be including them as a thank you treat in all of my Etsy orders.  I highly recommend using Zots for the buttons.  I am too impatient for glue and Zots are my go to adhesive for all embellishments.  
This is where I would love to post pics of the girls in something from Whimsy Ranch.  Instead I will show you my lame new hubcap.  I guess in all other states you can find your hubcap waiting for you on the side of the road where it fell off.  In California people find them and then sell them on Ebay.


  1. It is a shame that you had to pay money for that hubcap...you definitely would have found yours here...or one that looks close enough. :) Super jealous of that apron!!

  2. I love the brown and blue color combinations - like chocolate and sky... You might be interested in taking a peak at a card I made with yummy brown and blue paper...
    Love the double-sided stuff!

  3. I love the Emmeline apron. The fit is perfect!

  4. Mhm! That fabric is yummy! Its from that Summer in the City line and i snatched up a few yards when I found it a couple months back---it is my favorite!
    Be sure to show us the end result of that apron!! Can't wait to see!

  5. What a wonderful post, these are lovely.
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