Friday, April 25, 2008

No poison please

I came across this great site which will make you think twice about the cosmetics in your house.  I look at my sweet girls with their extremely sensitive skin and all I want to do is use the safest products possible.  For me it meant starting from scratch which was difficult, but I think ultimately worth it.  Cosmetic Database will tell you the danger level of any product and you can make a decision if it is safe for your family.  I found this cute body wash at Target today.  I can promise you that it smells better than anything I have ever used and I don't have to worry that it is damaging their little bodies.  Tub time kiddos!


  1. Products do scare me too! I just switched to an all natural makeup and love it! She's my friend and a Christian so I know she's not just feeding me a line when she says all her products are completely natural! Sorry for the commercial:) Her site is

  2. I will definitely check that out! I am trying to go more "natural" myself.:-) Lori

  3. what a great resource! thanks for posting this. With Lilyana, I have only used Burts Bees...but with myself I guess I am much more reckless! Good to know!


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