I am learning to stop saying "I will never..." when it comes to my kids and parenting.  I am humbled by how clueless I actually was an still am.  I have eaten my words a thousand times over and although there are many things I still will not compromise on, there are a few that in the scope of the world don't really matter.  

Example one:  "My kids will NEVER wear character clothes."  Pretty easy when you only have one and they don't talk yet.  Much different when there are two of them and they talk a lot!  It started like this... character (i.e. princess) pajamas. Okay.  Princess costumes only when we are at Disneyland.  Okay.  Princess costumes in the car on the way to drive-thru Starbucks when mom is having a hard day.  Okay.  School.  No.  Church.  No.  On Lucy.  No.  Character socks from the Target dollar section when you are wearing pants and shoes.  Maybe, but only if the pants are long enough to cover them.  
So, all was fine and figured out until I bought Lucy Elmo socks at Target.  She watches Sesame Street at her Grandma and Grandpa's and has a huge crush on the red furry cuteness that is Elmo.  What did she say when I put them on her?  "Thank you mommy!  You are so special!  I love you so much for compromising your snobby values and buying me these!"  Not really.  It went more like this:  "Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Make me Elmo dress! ELLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOO DRESS!!!!!!"  Then buckets of tears, throwing herself on the ground and a good long sit in the naughty chair where she promptly ripped off the evil socks.  
I realized in the midst of her spicy drama that she has never asked me to make her anything.  Many mornings Halley will wake up and ask "What did you sew me when I was sleeping?"  Most days I have something to show her.  So I went to Joann's with a semi-open mind in the hunt for Elmo fabric that I don't hate.  I don't like this fabric, but I can tolerate it.  At home.  At grandma's.  At the Starbucks drive-thru.  For anywhere else it reverses to red and white polka dots.  Elmo safely hidden inside.


  1. That elmo fabric is really cute... but the only thing that can make it cuter is your Lucy in that dress!! And how fantastic that it is reversible!! Hey.. can you make a shirt for me.. like her dress ..that is reversible??? like a fun summery top?? can you "draft" that? You crack me up!
    I always like the suprise of fun socks... you should definitely let that one slide...
    hope your dinner went well!!

  2. Hey there!

    I go through the same thing with my kids. My daughter would wear her Cinderella night shirt out if I let her!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, love yours, and adorable signs in your shop!


  3. Love your blog. That's hilarious about the characters. Cute dress!

  4. I got your email!! You are just fabulous! And I tagged you on my blog!!