I have sewn 20 things in the last 4 days.  Just about quadruple my previous record.  During a normal naptime for the girls, by the time I get everything out, set it up, cut it out, sew it and clean it up I have only finished one item.  My new cabinet has made picking fabric easier and I got to thinking... if I have taken out my sewing machine, patterns, cutting mat and ironing board I might as well make two of whatever I am making.  That way the cuts are the same, the thread changes are the same, etc.   A good plan in my mind... but I got a bit carried away.  Little by little I am getting ready to stock my children's Etsy shoppe. (More on that later...)   My poor husband and girls suffered this weekend and the house is chaos!  I was planning on doing chores and organizing today when sweet Halley was in the garage with me.  She opened up the fabric cabinet and somehow found this horse fabric.  "Mom, can you make me a dress for Mini-horse day?" (Tomorrow of course...)  How could I say no to that?  So I tried this sweet and easy tutorial  and here is the result.  I hope the mini horses like it!

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  1. Very cute! I am looking forward to seeing your children's etsy shop. :)