I just discovered Etsy's new feature called Alchemy.  You can basically put a request in for whatever you would like made, list the price you are willing to pay, and then sit back and wait.  Very soon your inbox will be filled with ideas and bids on how your item can be created.  It is truly collaborative and a brilliant way to have something handmade as well as custom.  
I have been frustrated for months about my diaper clutch dilemma.  I suppose I could have figured out how to make something like this, but it was so much more fun to state the fabric and dimensions I wanted and have it show up at my door days later.  Debi made this for me and it is finally the answer to my problems.  It comfortably fits 3 diapers and a 1/2 full pack of Costco baby wipes (best wipes ever... worth the price of membership alone).  I can just throw it in my purse and I am set for the day.  If you are thinking "I wish I had...." give Alchemy a try.  The worst that could happen is somebody will make it for you! 


  1. oh my word!! I LOVE your new banner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How simply beautiful!!!! And what a great resource... who would have thought?? well...someone did!! Hope you have a great day!!

  2. LOVE this fabric! Do you know what it is called?!