I spent some time yesterday with a new pretty version of one of my most favorite stories.

(I may or may not have a little bit of an obsession with Penguin Clothbound Classics.  Little by little, book by book, I am building a pretty library.  The library which may need to add an additional wing thanks to the Mr. Boddington's versions.  Yes, I do judge books by covers.  Classic books.  The library will also need a children's wing for the Puffin Clothbound Classics for the younger set.  My eight year old reader has a penchant for classics and pretty covers as well.  So pretty.)

So back to Les Miserables...  Have you read it?  I feel as if it is one of the books that should be required reading for the privilege of breathing oxygen on this planet.  Extreme?  Maybe.  There really is no excuse.  When I see the ahem... other books that fill the time and minds of people, I sigh.
The books that have no depth, substance, or the ability to withstand time.

Do I occasionally devour a quick, frivolous read?  Yes.  However, the classics always bring me back.  The books that I cannot bear to end.  The ones that I come back to again and again.  The ones that I was so glad I was forced to read in college.  The books that I choose to read now.

Les Miserables is a pretty hefty read.  I have read many translations, as well as the abridged version.  If you are scared, give the one of the abridged route a try.   It's even free on Kindle right now, so between that and the local library, there is no reason not to.

Stepping of my lover of books soapbox, onto my lover of movies one...
This is where I will be on Christmas Day, after all the presents have been opened.
Sobbing mascara down my face.